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Innocent bystander wounded in Harlem drive-by shooting

Joe Torres reports on a drive-by shooting that happened this morning resulting in a man being shot in the shoulder.
May 7, 2014 2:25:26 PM PDT
An innocent bystander was wounded Wednesday morning when shots were fired from a car outside of a deli in Harlem.

The incident took place just before 10 a.m. outside the Best Way Deli on 141 Street and Lenox Avenue.

Police say a man in a black sedan pulled up to the corner and fired one round from inside the vehicle at a group of men in their 20s standing at the corner. The victim, Morgan Delfast, 60, who lives nearby, was not the intended target.

A worker at the appliance store two doors north of the deli said he heard one gunshot and then heard a man yell, "I know where you live!"

In surveillance video, the unintended victim was seen resting comfortably on his bicycle. The men standing in front of him suddenly start to run, and one shot hits the victim in the left shoulder.

About a minute after the single gunshot, the deli's surveillance camera again captures the victim, this time removing his blood-stained shirt.

The unidentified victim was taken to Harlem Hospital, where doctors treated his gunshot wound.

The victim is Rico Luv's building super. He told us that after the gunshot, the suspect's car made a quick U-turn and drove by once again.

"I heard like a big screech, but I'm looking around like, what's going on here. Then I heard a screech and I took cover," Luv said. ( 'And they took off?') "Yeah, they took off. All you heard was a turn like they hit a hard corner or something," he said.

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