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Couple captures thief stealing their newspaper

Matt Kozar has the report from Middle Village, Queens.
March 7, 2014 3:11:32 PM PST
Their newspaper kept disappearing off their front porch. So a Queens couple set up their own sting operation to bust the thief.

Now they are taking matters into their own hands to make sure he doesn't strike again.

St. Patrick's decorations are not the only thing on display at their home in Queens.

"That's why I put the pictures in the front, maybe somebody will recognize him," said Harold Morgan, the homeowner.

They are pictures of a thief caught in the act stealing the New York Daily News.

"This has been going on for about two years. At least once a month, the paper has been missing," Morgan said.

72-year-old Harold Morgan is fed up.

The retired New York City firefighter lives in the same house his grandfather built and feels violated because his paper keeps getting stolen.

The theft of the news coupled with some burglaries in the neighborhood prompted Morgan to install security cameras.

"When you saw the images the camera captured, what did you think?" Eyewitness News asked.

"We were surprised. We were shocked really," Morgan said.

With a thud, you can see the paper gets delivered at 1:17 in the morning.

Five hours later, a man riding a bike makes his move, surreptiously sneaking towards the front stoop, checking to make sure no one is watching, and then slipping the newspaper into his satchel not realizing he was being recorded.

No one in the neighborhood recognizes the paper thief. Harold Morgan has yet to go to the police. But if he went to court, he estimates damages to be around $15.

It's not about the money.

An edition of the Daily News only costs 75 cents.

It's the principal, even if the thief is an educated one wanting to learn about the news of the day.

"I don't know what he's doing with them, whether he's selling them or reading them or what," Morgan said.

If he's reading them he would have seen Friday's article on page 2 about the man who's trying to catch him.

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