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Mom gives young child botox

May 12, 2011 2:56:38 PM PDT
It seems the price of beauty has no age boundaries.

Shockingly, an eight-year-old girl from San Francisco is getting botox treatments from her mother.

Kerry Campbell says she's injecting her daughter, Brittany to get rid of wrinkles.

She says she uses botox on her daughter to keep up with the tough beauty standards of the pageant world.


Kerry says she got the idea from other moms who inject their daughters

The part-time Aestethician won't say where she gets the Botox from.

Dr. David Colbert is a New York dermatologist and he gives his adult patients Botox and says no child should be given Botox ever.

"Of course we give Botox to adults but doing it to a child, borders on insanity," he said.

Brittney says it hurts, but she gets used to them besides, she doesn't think wrinkles are nice on little girls and she like the way she looks.


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