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Police Academy summer camp

October 5, 2009 2:49:26 PM PDT
A program in which kids attend a junior police academy is giving them a unique look at the job of a police officer. The students learn the different responsibilities an officer can have, and it may even put them on the path to becoming officers themselves. Learning about what a cop goes through also requires more discipline.

"We got a lot, at least, of exercise over this program and it was really fun," participant Erin Lynch said.

This was the fourth year for the week-long Junior Police Academy, started by Wallkill police officer Kelly Ann Boss, who is a police liaison to area schools.

"So I'd like to, hopefully, have a few of the cadets grow up to be police officers themselves," Boss said. "And I'd also like them to know exactly what we go through so they have a respect for the career."

"They know what they're doing," participant Joey Nedbal said. "It's not like they just get a badge and a gun and a car and they go out and just go fight criminals."

The kids got a very good idea of what it is like to be part of a police academy. And they saw a demonstration of police dog tactics.

"I thought they only just gave tickets and everything, but I saw they have many different jobs for police officers," Junior Police cadet Dylan Czubak said.

For the camp "graduation ceremony," parents were invited.

"This is going to instill some values, keep them off the streets, keep them out of trouble, understand what the police have to go through on a daily basis," parent Jeffrey Lockman said.

Apparently, what the kids learn about the training and responsibilities of police officers can help them with their own sense of responsibility as students.

"I definitely see that they are more respectful, more disciplined," Boss said. "They need to respect their elders, they need to respect their teachers, and I definitely see that in the kids that come through the program."

The camp is set to be held again next year.




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