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SLIDES: Amazing Hollywood Comebacks

Mickey Rourke became one of the biggest recent Hollywood comebacks with his Oscar-nominated starring role in the film "The Wrestler." Rourke won a Golden Globe in the best actor category for his gritty portrayal of Randy "The Ram" Robinson in the film. Rourke's earlier movies include "Body Heat," "Rumble Fish" and "Barfly." In the mid-1980s, Rourke had a reputation for fighting with producers that affected his job prospects. He told EntertainmentWeekly.com, ''I knew nothing about business or politics. A lot of the actors who are successful, you look around, these guys are college boys -- Ben Affleck, Matt Damon. Me, I just thought you're either great or you suck! I'm not saying I was great, but I knew I was on my way to being great.''  (AP Photo)
February 4, 2009 5:24:02 PM PST