Dr. Sapna Parikh
Sapna Parikh, MD, MPH, joined Channel 7's Eyewitness News Team as Medical Correspondent in 2011. She contributes feature, fitness and informational reports on the latest advances in medicine to Eyewitness News viewers and to ABC affiliate stations across the nation.

Before coming to WABC-TV, Dr. Parikh was a medical correspondent for FOX News and WCBS in New York.

In 2008, Dr. Parikh was the only television reporter invited to travel with First Lady Laura Bush on a humanitarian mission to Haiti and Mexico City. The mission's purpose was to visit US-funded HIV clinics and launch an international breast cancer partnership. Dr. Parikh's other notable reports include an exclusive interview with NASA astronauts during a training mission inside Aquarius, the only underwater laboratory in the world, located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and accessible only by scuba diving.
She reported extensively on the devastation after Hurricane Sandy, and its impact on area hospitals and patient care.

Dr. Parikh completed her internship in general surgery at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, and earned a medical degree from the Northeast Ohio Medical University. She obtained a Master's of Public Health in community health education and health policy through Hunter College of New York City, and focused her efforts on the issue of childhood obesity. As part of her field experience, Dr. Parikh worked with the New York City Health Department to implement nutrition and fitness programs in New York City public schools, and served as a Wellness Facilitator for the "I Have a Dream Foundation," helping to educate teenagers on health and fitness.

During her medical training, Dr. Parikh traveled to Brazil where the medical team lived on boats and provided care to remote villages along the shores of the Amazon River. She is a NOLS Certified Wilderness Emergency Responder, and the recipient of the National Harvard Book Award for Outstanding Achievement in Academics and the Arts, and two Humanitarian Awards for her reports on breast cancer, and for serving as a role model to young women.

Prior to her work in medicine and journalism, Dr. Parikh was a professional singer. She enjoys hiking, biking and scuba diving.

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